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"She fell off her ass in a deadly swoon"
Rory, Octo
[from "Una & the Red Cross Knight" from Andrew Lang]

Yes, I am a complete juvenile.  That cracks me up!

Just found out today, after getting Part 1 of Root Canal procedure, that my 2-week temp assignment has ended, only 1 week early!  Ah, well; it leaves more time for packing.

If all goes as planned, 2 weeks from Thursday, we'll have a house!  We're so excited!  But that *does* mean that 10 years of accumulated books, fabric, toys & random assorted junk must be sorted and packed.  I've already thrown out several pieces of dumpster-derived furniture, brought 7 or so grocery bags full of things to Goodwill, and sold 2 boxes of books to Half Price Books (and only bought 1 dvd & 1 book...I think it might be a record!)

Strangely, somehow, there's not a lot of room to move in the apartment right now.  Hmm. Dunno why!

Just threw out 2 old universal TV remotes.  And we still have 2.  It is a sad, sad life we lead!

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I hope the closing goes well. Keep us posted. :-)

OK, I love that one of your tags is "ass." I'm just sayin.

Hey, cool - didn't realize you're getting a house; I just assumed you were moving to a bigger apartment. Nifty for you! (well, except the moving part, that's always a struggle)

But moving is a great excuse for purging. It's harder to do when you're staying.

As you might be able to tell, I haven't been checking LJ like I used to! I love the new house; in all, we got rid of about 10 large car-loads worth of stuff (about half to the dumpster, half to charity)...and still were able to fill the house, only needing to purchase things like a new grown-up bed, a grown-up dresser, & shelving.

I'm still amazed that I was able to fit all that stuff into the 2bedroom apt. The estimator for the movers we hired said it was about 10,000 lbs worth of stuff. Good think we didn't fall through the floor!

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